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Hello and welcome to The Good Intern blog!

To sum up my motivation of writing- I am a very self-help type of person; when I have a problem I want to be able to Google the issue and find an article or a reference to a book that will tell me how to best handle the dilemma. 

When I first started my own personal adventure into the world of interning I sought out this help only to be met with a dead-end. Sure there were plenty of articles and books on the topic of interning, but I didn't want to get my advice from some "old person" who probably hadn't participated in an internship in 20+ years.

I wanted practical, straightforward tips and advice from someone who knows what interns are dealing with this day-and-age and information that was written in a casual tone.  I didn't just want to know how to dress for the job, which of course is important, but I also wanted to find out exactly how friendly it's appropriate to be with coworkers; I wanted to know how to best utilize social networking to promote myself and what to do in order to pursue that dream job of mine, etc.

There is so much material available regarding job searches, but most of it pertains to people seeking paid, long-term positions. This blog is not for those people; this blog is for students or young people trying to get their foot in the door of the “real world” and gain some practical experience that will help them with their long-term plans.

I’m currently a senior at a large Midwestern university and yes, I am presently participating in an internship. In fact, since my high school graduation I have basically participated in back-to-back internships of many different kinds. To name a few of my opportunities, I have formerly interned for a state political party, a real estate company, several law firms, a State Senator, and a US Senator; beyond that I have worked several jobs and been heavily involved in student organizations at my university.

My sincerest hope is that whoever you are, whether you glance at this blog once or read it frequently, that you come away with something new and useful by reading it.
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